National Herdsmans Conference

National Herdsmans Conference 2016

Mission Transition

took place on 11-12 April, at Harper Adams University College

The transition cow - the most important animal on the dairy unit and the key to a profitable herd - as chosen by the delegates last year, she will be the focus of the 6th National Herdsmans Conference to be held once again at Harper Adams University College.

The transition period - the foundation of the lactation - is that crucial period in the cows cycle that can often be overlooked, but get it right, you will have a healthy, profitable cow fit for milk production, who will get back in calf and be a long term member of your herd.

As the industry faces challenging times, the proactive approach to the dry cow will reduce costs and increase profits. Looking after your dry and early lactation cows isn't mission impossible, its mission transition.